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Iron Bruise Nic salt x 10

Iron Bruise Nic salt x 10


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Iron Bruise Nic salt

10mg or 20mg Iron Bruise Nic salt

Iron Bruise nic salt pays homage to Scotland’s favourite soft drink. On inhale, you’ll detect a combination of citrus notes, with a pronounced orange flavour creating a zesty bite. This is blended with a lightly carbonated soda. A fizzy sensation with every vape.


Ten bottles of BIG BOLD Iron Bruise salts for £30.


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Iron Bruise is also available in a zero nicotine Sub-Ohm Juice at a 70:30 VG:PG Ratio. Click here.


Nicotine salt (or nic salt) is a type of naturally forming nicotine found in leaf tobacco. Nic salt e-liquids are the most efficient way to deliver nicotine to your body. A large number of vapers say they find that nic salts deliver a more satisfying experience, saying e-liquid with nicotine salt is easier to inhale thanks to its bio-compatibility. Users have cited throat hits of reduced harshness and are able to use more powerful liquids, taking in more nicotine for each vape. Many users of lower-powered devices have started to embrace nic salts.

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